Have you ever felt paralyzed about not knowing what to do next? You know, that uneasy feeling when uncertainty kills you on the inside, getting you…

February 2023

How do you find work you’ll love doing? Following your passion? Is that all there is to doing something you love? Cal Newport, the author of “So good…
The idea of picking up a skill or learning something new can be exciting. Living in an era with access to the internet is one of the best periods to…

January 2023

Upload an image or enter the URL of an image to a search engine, and you get results for that query. Results could be an exact image or similar images…

January 2022

In the beginning everyone’s crap at bug bounty hunting. Apart from all the obvious reasons why, the lack of detailed notes and an organized methodology…

June 2021

We as users are "enablers" of impersonation scams on Facebook.

May 2021

The Web’s a wonderful tool that has made our lives easy, productive and efficient in many ways.

April 2021

A password manager is an application that stores all your passwords for you, so you don’t have to worry about remembering them.
The web also referred to as the World Wide Web (WWW) is the software that sits on top of the internet.

March 2021

Application vendors or organizations run a bug bounty program that allows for security researchers or bug bounty hunters to scout for security…
The email address has become indispensable these days with most websites making it mandatory for registering or signing up for their services.

January 2021

Malicious cybercriminals are incessantly trying to find ways to breach websites.