In the beginning everyone’s crap at bug bounty hunting. Apart from all the obvious reasons why, the lack of detailed notes and an organized methodology…
The email address has become indispensable these days with most websites making it mandatory for registering or signing up for their services.
This post would give you an account of the books and online resources I have been dabbling with, in the last few years.
Wanting to know what a brute-force attack was, I accidentally came across the term “Bug Bounty”. 
👋 Hey there! I thought I could create a page where I list all my articles, so you could better navigate to posts of your liking 😃
We as users are "enablers" of impersonation scams on Facebook.
The Web’s a wonderful tool that has made our lives easy, productive and efficient in many ways.
A burner email is something like an alias to your personal email. Any email you receive to your burner email address would be forwarded to your personal…
Cookies are small pieces of data that a website/web-server sends to your browser, so it can be stored in your computer’s hard-disk. The next time you…
Application vendors or organizations run a bug bounty program that allows for security researchers or bug bounty hunters to scout for security…
I thought I could maybe offer a “quick-digest” of sorts to make you, the “everyday internet user”, just a little more privacy & security aware. 
Using another factor of verification besides a password, allows you to have an extended layer of security.