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Curation 403 - Issue 2

The Curation 403 series will be an issue in my newsletter where I try to curate interesting articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos on different topics.

The Curation 403 series will be an issue in my newsletter where I try to curate interesting articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos on different topics, that could help inform and educate people on being internet aware. While not every post in this series, would necessarily be the most recent resource, they would nevertheless, be pertinent and applicable to your day-to-day internet life.

1) Privacy Crash Course (Intel Techniques)

Michael Bazzell, hosts a popular podcast called “Privacy, Security and OSINT” where he presents and speaks about different ideas to help keep you private and safe from cyber threats. While he has been hosting the show for the last 4 years, discussing everything ranging from basic to advanced privacy strategies, Michael Bazzell, based on people’s feedback, has started a series of talks called “Privacy Crash Course”. In this series, he goes back to square one, and presents privacy concepts right from basics. If you are just starting your “privacy and security” journey I highly recommend you listen to “Privacy Crash Course” by this veteran. Four episodes have already been rolled out in this series so far.

2) How the Internet works (Code.org)

Web/mobile applications, social media, online shopping and the internet itself, has become almost a part of our lives now, so much so, we seldom pause to think how all this works. Its almost like magic really. Forget internet privacy or security for a moment and ask yourself - what is the internet? Well, I am pretty sure you may not have an answer for that one.

Code.org’s YouTube channel has an amazing playlist of 8 videos explaining how the Internet works! You have to check it out!

3) How private is your personal information? (Action Fraud)

These people ‘liked’ a Facebook page for a free coffee – what happened next?  

- Action Fraud

4) Anatomy of a survey scam – how innocent questions can rip you off (Naked Security)

“Survey scam” fraudsters typically pose as popular brands or companies and ask you to complete their survey in return for a gift voucher or a discount on purchase. What they are really doing is stealing your personal details for, well, NOTHING! Paul Ducklin of Naked Security walks you through one such survey.

Typically, cyber-criminals suck you in with a seemly and believable promise, but suddenly switch things up by suggesting that you’re one of the lucky few who is going to get a gift that’s much, much more valuable than just a discount code for 5% off your next purchase.  

- Paul Ducklin, NakedSecurity

5) 10 Minute Tip: Are Adblockers Equally Effective? (The OSINT Curious project)

If you are sick and tired of looking at ad cluttered web-pages/websites, you definitely must be into ad blocking browser extensions (aren’t you?). Well, if you are, you know there are numerous extensions out there and you must be having your favorite. Just before you think the one you are using is good enough, take a look at this video by Micah Hoffman of the “The OSINT Curious project”.

This OSINTCurio.us 10 Minute Tip by Micah Hoffman shows how you can use  Google Chrome's Developer Tools to view how effective different  adblocker extensions can be. Using AdblockPlus, Ghostery, Privacy  Badger, and uBlock Origin in their default configurations, we examine  how many requests our browser made and how much data was transferred  when visiting the same web site.  

- The OSINT Curious project