📢Hey there! I am Sanketh Sharath and this is my blog/newsletter - FourZeroThree! I am a dentist and an entrepreneur. I was a very passionate Oral Pathologist and wanted to be a die hard academician/researcher. However, I soon (in just over a year) found academia boring and mundane. I wanted to do something more exciting. I loved to teach, and I knew classroom teaching was gold standard. But I felt technology could make it more fun and effective. With the help of a good friend I founded an Ed-Tech company called HackDentistry with the intention of making learning dentistry fun, engaging and light hearted.

🤔But what’s the deal with “Four-Zero-Three”?

“The heck does FourZeroThree mean?”, you may ask. It means nothing, it’s just how I want to call it. Actually I am lying.

Technically speaking, the 403 Forbidden error is an HTTP status code that means that accessing the page or resource you were trying to reach is absolutely forbidden for some reason.

- How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error

I named it so, since I initially started this as a cybersecurity blog. But then I thought I could contribute a lot more value to the community teaching all that I had learnt during the tough times building my business. Hence I thought why not post anything that relates to technology, life and startups on this blog of mine!

I’ll be honest, I started my company (HackDentistry) in total ignorance, sheer arrogance. I didn’t know anything about technology or business and to top it, I quit my job with very little savings.

I had to force myself to learn new stuff in order to learn internet entrepreneurship and technology. The amount of frustration, overwhelm and discomfort that I had to go through to learn things that were ridiculously new, has been a great experience. I had to put in conscious effort to re-wire and learn many new skills from scratch!

I love teaching myself new stuff on technology, life and startups. And what better way is there to learn, than by teaching someone else?  So if this excites you and you want to learn with me, do consider subscribing.

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I also run a YouTube channel by the same name “FourZeroThree”. I try to create short and entertaining videos out of the articles I post.

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