Hey y’all,

I am Dr.Sanketh and this is my blog/newsletter - FourZeroThree! “The heck does that mean?”, you may ask. It means nothing, it’s just how I want to call it.

What’s the deal with “Four-Zero-Three”?

Well, I am a dentist and an entrepreneur and  I love learning stuff about Web technology, Cybersecurity, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Web application Hacking/Bugbounty. FourZeroThree is a blog and email newsletter for everyone who cares about the web, internet privacy and security.

I read and educate myself with articles on these topics, digest them, write an article, and share them on my blog/newsletter.

Am I an expert? Hell no! But I love teaching myself. And what better way is there to learn, than by teaching someone else?  So if this excites you and you want to learn with me, do consider subscribing.

I also run a YouTube channel by the same name “FourZeroThree”. I try to create short and entertaining videos out of the articles I post.

You see, creating videos is a lot of fun. You must try making one some day :)  Apart from the love for creating videos, the topics I write may be complex and making them simple and visually appealing can go a long way in making concepts comprehendible.

And hey, by the way, please do give Four-Zero-Three a shout-out to your  friends and colleagues, would you? Would really appreciate it!